A Day

“Come what may, time and the hour runs through the roughest day,” — Macbeth

(Yītiān: Beginning January 17, 2018):
Yītiān or yī tiān in Chinese means, essentially, “one day” or “a day”. Every day in Shanghai, I walk — it’s a city, and walking is the game. So this page is the daily grind in photos. There’s something unusual to see every day in China — a scooter with a full fish tank on the back, a bicycle with enormous cargo, a camel, a new street food stall. This is a page to record what I see, without holding onto it forever. Uploading photos to a blog can be a challenge in China without access to a corporate VPN, so we will see how it goes. A day is not the same as every day. Eventually, I’ll delete (not archive) photos. I like the idea that something on the Internet doesn’t have to be etched in stone.

Friday, February 2:

Catch of the Day. Live turtles, but packaged. Picked up a package only to see the little guy tuck his neck back in his shell. 


Monday, January 29:

Just another Shanghai building.

architecture daily

Sunday, January 21:

The main advertisement outside the local sex shop. I truly cannot understand why the porn shops feature mostly white people? Is all the porn in China imported from abroad? What’s the deal? Are white people in Shanghai the only consumers here? WTH


Friday, January 19:

Bookstores do exist in China — not in abundance — but a couple can be found in Shanghai. This is from Garden Books, a small cafe and bookstore on Changle Lu. One of my favorite coffee spots.


Thursday, January 18:

Stopped by Metro (think Costco) to stock up on milk and olive oil and found these bad boys on sale in the  seafood department. My driver, Xiao Lin, says they are most commonly eaten in hot pots (cleaned, dropped in whole).