A Day

“Come what may, time and the hour runs through the roughest day,” — Macbeth

Yītiān or yī tiān in Chinese means, essentially, “one day” or “a day”. Every day in Shanghai, I walk — it’s a city, and walking is the game. So this page is the daily grind in photos. There’s always something unusual to see in China — a scooter with a full fish tank on the back, a bicycle with enormous cargo, a camel, a new street food stall. This is a page to record what I see, without holding onto it forever. Uploading photos to a blog can be a challenge in China, so we will see how it goes. A day is not the same as every day. Eventually, I’ll delete (not archive) photos. I like the idea that something on the Internet doesn’t have to be eternal.

Just another Shanghai scene


This scooter has never looked so good.


Because a Dutch windmill isn’t out of place in a Chinese nature park…


Catch of the Day. Live turtles, but packaged. Picked up a package only to see the little guy tuck his neck back in his shell. 


Just another Shanghai building.

architecture daily


Bookstores do exist in China — not in abundance — but a couple can be found in Shanghai. This is from Garden Books, a small cafe and bookstore on Changle Lu. One of my favorite coffee spots.